Feminist Camp went back for our second Zambia Camp. 16 participants, 10 days and tons of lessons learned. 


  • A rural health clinic we visited last year was newly offering male and female condoms: a huge step forward for a Christian nation that also has a very high HIV infection rate. Last year when we went they had neither and both of the visiting nurses knew little about reproductive health care. Luckily we had a Planned Parenthood employee with us and I fully credit her "educating" the clinic is what led to changes this year. 
  • One participant runs the clothing company Lucky Fish. Thanks to her vision and expertise we had 2 full days in Chiawa village working with a woman's coop teaching them silk screening and helping them with how to price, market and sell. It could be transformative to that community. 
  • Our planned meeting with CAMFED got derailed because of an impromptu national holiday but thanks for two participants being certified yoga instructors we ended up running a mini-yoga class training for the CAMFED CAMA members. It was a huge success-- both for health and wellness, and as a potential income stream. 

Do you know someone who would benefit from an international summer camp program focused on intersectional feminism(s) and feminist issues? We'd love to have them at next year's Zambia Camp!