Feminist Camp goes international! 

This Feminist Camp program is for people who long to travel abroad and learn about how feminist activism looks outside of the western perspective. On this most adventurous camp, you will experience both the epic scenery that Zambia offers and meet with the powerhouse organizers working locally to improve the lives of their fellow Zambians. This program is designed as a cultural exchange; we will not be going in to "teach" Zambians the "right" way to do activism, but instead will spend much of our time listening and observing. The goal is to deepen your understanding of development in Zambia and the region and to learn about community-focused organizing techniques. The trip includes site visits, host-specific exercises such as classroom conversations and tree plantings, and other activities in collaboration with local groups. We will also immerse ourselves in the celebrated natural beauty of Zambia, including game drives, bush dinners, and boating on the Zambezi. 

Themes we've covered

  • Girls' Education

  • Poverty/Economic Justice

  • Gender and Transportation

  • Reproductive Justice

Who we've met

*Every session is different, but these are examples from past sessions!

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all you did to put together such an amazing trip. Even after several days of reflection, I cannot begin to describe what a profound effect this trip had on me, and I truly appreciate all of your efforts to make it possible. It has been a pleasure to get to know you through this experience, and I am so grateful for all that you shared with us.
— A.C.