This camp is for you if...'re someone with a passion for feminism but you're not quite sure how that's going to translate into your professional life, or if you're sick of hearing people ask you what someone can do with a Women's/Gender Studies degree. Our flagship Feminist Camp program in the Big Apple is designed to help you identify your next steps for applying your feminist passion to your professional or beyond-college life. Use your extra-curricular time to attend a Broadway show, visit a world-class museum, grab a drink at Stonewall, see the Statue of Liberty, or go shopping at radical feminist bookstore Bluestockings.

Program runs from 9am on January 8 until 6pm on January 12, 2018.


This Session's Schedule:

  • Monday - Orientation + Feminist Philanthropy
  • Tuesday - Feminist Careers
  • Wednesday - Feminism & Media
  • Thursday - Reproductive Justice
  • Friday - Feminist Art

Who you may* meet

*Every session is different, but these are examples from past sessions!

Important Dates

Sept 1 - Registration Opens
Oct 1 - Financial Aid Applications Close
Nov 1 - Registration Closes 


$100 // Registration fee
$900 // Tuition Fee
$250 // Meal Fee
$500 // Housing Fee*

TOTAL: $1750 ($1250 without housing)

*Housing fee only applies if you are staying in camp housing. If you arrange for your own housing, fee does not apply.



I am so grateful for what you do, Feminist Camp was truly an amazing experience for me. I am generally someone who sits back and tries to absorb as much as I can, but I can already say I felt the impact at a very personal level. When I got back I took some new found initiative and confidence and landed myself an internship at the Kalamazoo Planned Parenthood! The knowledge I gained from you about networking and just simply asking for what I wanted made this possible for me. 
— Alaina G.
Feminist Camp NYC was an amazing chance to live in New York, meet successful women in a variety of fields and meet like-minded peers.
— Marielle K.


Registration closed November 1 at 9am ET.