For every session of camp, we ask for nominations to find a Program Assistant. The PA(s) attends camp for free, and works closely with the Feminist Camp Team to help coordinate each day as well as participating in the program as a camper.

We are looking specifically for folks with communication, social media, and people skills, a good sense of (geographical) direction, and a take-charge attitude who can be peer leaders to a dynamic group of feminists.

Duties include:

  • Before camp, initiating and encouraging introductory conversations in the session's Facebook group.

  • Attending all the daily meetings and evening events and take thorough notes.

  • Sharing experiences and meeting details daily through social media and our blog.

  • Facilitating lunch when applicable (order/pick up) and completing various other errands as needed to keep things running smoothly

  • With one week of the program's conclusion, creating a resource guide and master contact list

  • Depending on group size, the Program Assistant may lead a group of campers during breakout sessions--guiding the small group to and from their meeting place and act as a representative of Soapbox to the organization with which the group meets.

Nominations are now closed.