Win a Free Spot at Feminist Camp!

For every session of camp, we ask for nominations to find a Program Assistant. The PA(s) attends camp for free, and works closely with the Feminist Camp Team to help coordinate each day as well as participating in the program as a camper. We are looking specifically for folks with communication, social media, and people skills, a good sense of (geographical) direction, and a take-charge attitude who can be peer leaders to a dynamic group of feminists.

We are currently looking for a PA for our January session in NYC. The dates are:
January 6-10, 2020

Duties include:

  • Before camp, initiating and encouraging introductory conversations in the session's Facebook group.

  • Attending all the daily meetings and evening events and take thorough notes.

  • Sharing experiences and meeting details daily through social media and our blog.

  • Facilitating lunch when applicable (order/pick up) and completing various other errands as needed to keep things running smoothly

  • With one week of the program's conclusion, creating a resource guide and master contact list

  • Depending on group size, the Program Assistant may lead a group of campers during breakout sessions--guiding the small group to and from their meeting place and act as a representative of Soapbox to the organization with which the group meets.

Know someone who would kick ass at this? Nominate them below!

Deadline to nominate is October 15, 2019 at 10am ET.. Program Assistant position includes waived registration, tuition, meals, and housing fee, but does not cover travel to/from NYC. Program Assistant must be available for the entire camp session, which will include the Sunday evening before camp starts, weekdays 9am - 6pm and some evenings.

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