EXAMPLE 1- Reproductive justice day, winter camp 2015

10:00 AM    Reproductive Justice Breakout Sessions at: Choices Women’s Medical Center, Choices in Childbirth and the Modern Family Center at Spence-Chapin

1:00 PM    Papaya Workshop with Reproductive Health Access Project

3:00 PM    Conversation with Symone New from The Doula Project

4:45 PM    Conversation with Emily Letts from notalone.us

7:30 PM    Agunda Okeyo, Sisters of Comedy

EXAMPLE 2 - Media Day, Summer Camp 2014

9:30 AM     Orientation Breakfast at home of Amy Richards, Soapbox co-founder and Manifesta co-author

12:30 PM    Meeting with Wagatwe Wanjuki, Know Your IX

2:00 PM     The Feminist Press

3:00 PM     Conversation with Jodi Kantor, The New York Times

6:00 PM     Sadie Nash Annual Garden Party with Janet Mock