What age(s) is Feminist Camp for?

The majority of our programs are open to anyone 18+  interested in feminism; although many of our campers are undergrads, you do not need to be in college to attend camp. The average age of a Feminist Camper is 23, though each camp cohort includes campers who are younger and older than that.

Is Feminist Camp only for women?

While most campers identify as women, we welcome participants of all genders.

Is Feminist Camp accessible to people with disabilities?

Yes. We always do our best to work one-on-one with any camper who has accessibility concerns and when ADA-compliance or other accessibility needs are present, we will arrange for them to be met.

Where exactly in NYC/Seattle/a given location does Feminist Camp take place?

In order to give a fully immersive experience, we spend most days of camp visiting offices and spaces all over the host city, so there is typically no "main" location. Our goal is to expose campers to as many different industries and workplaces as possible, which is why we move around so much!

Where do Feminist Campers stay overnight?

For the Seattle and NYC programs, most campers stay in a group at a local hostel, though some may opt out and secure their own housing. For the Zambia program, we provide group housing in each city we visit. For mini-camps, lodging is not provided.

I want to attend Feminist Camp, but can't afford it. Can you help?

We offer one-on-one assistance with raising money for the program; many of our campers are able to get their college or university to help offset the cost. We also offer financial aid (you can find our financial aid application here) through a scholarship fund that is supported by Feminist Camp alumni and other friends of the program.