What is Feminist Camp?

  1. It's a Retreat.

    Not the yoga-and-massages kind of retreat, but Feminist Camp is an opportunity to step outside your usual routine, spend dedicated time with other folks who have a similar passion for social justice, and refill your emotional cup. We do this by supporting each other, and even being lovingly critical of feminism. One camper said "this experience allowed me to let go of some of the anger & disillusionment centered on feminism." We love that.

  2. It's a Professional Development Conference.

    Our campers are leaders who care deeply about fighting inequality, homophobia, transphobia, kyriarchy, and as bell hooks says, "the white-supremacist, capitalist patriarchy." We show campers how to translate that passion into workplace action, leadership, and transformation. We dissolve the myth that each person has a linear career path. We encourage you to embrace your winding way. And we show you the skills you need to be successful.

  3. It's a Front Row Seat to Feminism in Action.

    Remember field trips in grade school? And how learning outside the classroom was just so different from reading about the world in textbooks? Yeah, we loved that, too. So at Feminist Camp, you go all around town. You meet people in cafes, at their offices, or at their co-working spot. You hear about their work directly from them, and then ask them questions about it. No abstract theories, just real life.

Photos from Feminist Camp!

Photos from Feminist Camp!