Feminist Camp takes on the Pacific Northwest!   

Trying to figure out how to do work you're passionate about while also paying your bills? Wondering how the Pacific Northwest does feminism? Our Camp program in Seattle is designed to help you connect with a once-in-a-lifetime community of likeminded feminists and start planning your feminist future. Use your extra-curricular time to go to the top of the Space Needle, drink incredible coffee, tackle an evening hike with a view of Mt. Rainier, or shop at the original Babeland store.

Themes we've covered

  • Feminism and Tech

  • Feminist Careers

  • Feminist Art/Media

  • Gender Violence

  • Reproductive Justice

Who you may* meet

*Every session is different, but these are examples from past sessions!

Important Dates

Feb 1 - Registration + Financial Aid Applications Open
April 1 - Registration + Financial Aid Applications Close


$100 // Registration fee
$900 // Tuition + Meals Fee
$500 // Housing Fee*

TOTAL: $1500 ($1000 without housing)

*Housing fee only applies if you are staying in camp housing. If you arrange for your own housing, fee does not apply.



Feminist Camp changed my life because I saw, in action, all the fabulous ways that feminism can be weaved into a variety of careers.
— Nerissa I.
Feminist Camp gave me new hope and motivation to continue fighting for the issues I am most passionate about. It reminded me that there is a whole entire movement going on that is far from the end and that I am lucky to be a part of. Would recommend this experience to feminists of any age and stage.
— Gabbie B.